Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Time!

What a crazy few days!

Christmas Eve we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Harward's house for their christmas party. It was a lot of fun to hangout with everyone and catch up on things.

My Aunt's had fun giving Hayden lots of sugary stuff thinking it would keep him up all night. Well they were wrong. Hayden was tired when we got home and wanted to be in bed by 7:30.
But when he got to his room it was a mess and so he wanted to clean it. Which ended up in him playing, but he was in bed and passed put by 8:30. Such a sweet night.

Christmas Morning I got up bright and early. Kevin wasn't too happy about it, but we had to be over to my parent's house to talk to brad at 7. So at 5 I went in to wake Hayden up!

If I had known that all it took was santa to wake him up when he didn't want to I would have tried it earlier. After waking Hayden up we went to wake dad up. Hayden was so excited santa brought him tons of games to play and books that read to him. He loved it all!

Kevin was happy with his new kitchen toys. And I was happy with my new books. they will be my entertainment on bedrest.

After all the presents were open Kevin made us a yummy breakfast. Then we headed over to talk to brad and open presents at my parent's house. Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Thorup's house for their christmas lunch of lobster, crab, and prime rib. We were able to see Sage who is home from his mission and hangout with my other fun cousins.
After that we made our way home to visit Kevin's parents and have a fun birthday party for Joel.

I over did it on Christmas and am paying the price now for not staying down enough. But it was all worth it. Over all this was an awesome Christmas.

I hope everyone else had an awesome christmas too!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


So I wasn't good about keeping the blog up-to-date during the year so I am going to do a recap of everything we did this year.

We said goodbye to Brad at the very first of the year. He flew off to the Dominican Republic to serve on his mission.

February I was called as the young women assistant to the mia maid adviser, assistant camp director, and personal progress adviser. It has been very fun working with the young women this year.

Kevin had some really fun competitions for school in February, April, and May. In February he placed 3rd in the skills competition. In April he won first in the Spring Home and Garden show. And he placed 5th in the state skills competition in May.

In March we celebrated Hayden's 2nd birthday and Kevin's 22nd. We also celebrated our 2nd Anniversary.

In May we went boating in my parents new boat. Hayden calls it "rocket". Hayden loves the water and loves to go boating. He can't wait to be big enough to water ski like adam.

Kevin started a new job around the beginning of June. JJ's bakery seemed like a good job, but by September Kevin had to find a new job that he would actually get paid at.

We also were sealed in the Jordan River Temple on June 3rd. Hayden looked so handsome all dressed in white! Toward the end of June I had girl's camp. My mom also had camp and we were doing a booth at west fest. It was one crazy month.

July we went to Jamaica! Kevin's parents planned and paid for a family trip to Jamaica! We had an awesome time there and we very grateful we were able to go. Anytime Hayden sees pictures of that trip he calls it"my maica" it is very cute and funny. On the 24th of July we did fireworks with my parents. Hayden informed us he doesn't like "fagots" which is how he said fireworks at the time. very cute and very funny.

In August we planned a surprise party for my grandma and grandpa Harward. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. We also celebrated my 22nd birthday. We went to Wendover to celebrate it.

We found out in September that we are expecting a new addition to the family.

October, Hayden made one cute dragon warrior for halloween. Though with carving the pumpkins it took him a little bit to get used to it. Kevin started at paradise bakery. We also thought it was time to move Hayden into a bigger bed. And we also wanted to get him used to it so that the baby can have the crib. So we bought him a big boy bed which he loves!

East canyon was fun at the beginning of November! Hayden loved hanging out with his cousins and playing all the games. We had thanksgiving in Huntington. Hayden really liked the horses and pigs down there, though they are a lot bigger than he thought they would be. I was very sick. And kevin went paintballing. Also the day after thanksgiving santa came to visit our family party... Hayden was happy until he had to sit on his lap.

This last month has been a crazy one. Brad celebrated his hump day on his mission. At our family party last night Hayden saw santa again, though he is no longer scared. Hayden has loved all the snow and loves to go out in his snow pants and boots to play. We have had 3 ultrasounds now for the baby. The first 2 it was being very modest as Kevin and my Dad said and wouldn't let us know what it was. But on this last one we were able to find out that it is a...BOY! Hayden is very excited to have a little brother. Though last night he had a dream about grandma sandee stealing his little brother. We are very grateful for this baby even though it has been scary so far with it. I have been very sick and we have recently found out that I have low amniotic fluid. Which can be a bad thing. I am on bed rest for the week and we have another ultrasound on the 23rd to see if that helped get my fluid up at all. We are hoping that it does, if not then there could be something wrong with the baby.

We are looking forward to Christmas and seeing Hayden open all his presents!

I hope all is well with everyone and that you all had a good year to look back on.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So with the snow fall yesterday Hayden was dying to go out and play. Here are pictures and a video of him in the snow.

Also here is a picture of my parents house out by the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Hayden loves to go out there and just hang out with Grandpa Andrew.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

For our Thanksgiving we headed down to Huntington, Utah to spend it with Kevin's moms family.

Hayden was really excited to go because we told him there are pigs and horses down there. So we loaded the car and headed down Wednesday night. By the time we got down there it was too dark to see the animals. Hayden had slept the whole way down and was ready to go when we got out of the car.
We visited Kevin's grandparents for a few. Then headed to the hotel and crashed.

Thursday we went over in the morning to see the animals. Hayden was so excited. There were baby pigs, which he loved and thought they were so cute.

We had Thanksgiving dinner for lunch. After lunch the guys headed out to paintball and the rest of us stayed and made some really cute cards. We had leftovers for dinner. Hung out for a while and then went to the hotel to bed.

Friday we went over to Grandmas for breakfast. After breakfast we did a service project for grandma and grandpa. Hayden helped clean windows outside and rake up leaves. Then we went to setup the church and get cookin' the food. Hayden had a blast running around and playing with all of the kids that were there. After we ate, we shared christmas stories. Then the special guest arrived! It was santa, (well Joel dressed as santa). Hayden and all the kids were excited.

They each were called up to receive a gift bag from santa. When it came to hayden's turn he was done. Kevin carried him up screaming. He sat on santas lap for all of 10 seconds before he was done and came running over to me. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Hayden was the only one that was scared of him.

After he settled down a little he was able to enjoy his gift bag. They had a pinata which Hayden didn't want to do, though we made him. After that we said our goodbyes and headed to the car. Kevin had to work in the morning so we had to head home.

But before we left we had to say goodbye to the animals. Kevin tried to get Hayden to sit on a pig, but Hayden was having none of that. We said goodbye to the baby pigs. And Hayden even feed the horse, though he wouldn't pet it.

After that we headed home. Though Kevin is now sick and didn't end up going to work. Overall Thanksgiving was very fun and we were very glad we were able to go down to Huntington for it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin carving

Hayden to say the least is a clean freak. He can't handle having his hand messy. Well with pumpkin carving it involves getting messy. We went for it anyways!

He did not like cleaning out the insides. But he did have fun poking the picture.

Over all though we did have fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hayden has his new bed!!!

We finally have Hayden's bed.! We weren't supposed to get it until sometime next week. But I have been watching the shipment and it arrived yesterday. Hayden has been so excited! And when I came home with it he was all sorts of excited. I left the putting it together to Kevin and his parents, I had to return my mom's car to her. There is storage space underneath it for toys or whatever. But I guess that was where Hayden had been playing the whole time. He will climb under there and tell us to close the door. He is so happy! And I am very grateful to Kevin's parents for helping us make this happen.

Last night was his first night sleeping in it. He finally went to sleep an hour after we put him to bed because he was having too much fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hayden is a big boy

So we have been thinking lately about upgrading Hayden into a big boy bed. He has never tried to climb out of his crib and so there was never any worry about that. But with the new baby coming we thought we would transition him so that he doesn't feel like we are kicking him out of the crib.
So the fun began.....
The room that hayden is in right now shares space with a bunk bed, food storage, and a fishing table. Kevin's mom and dad have been so awesome to us in this way. Trying to help us out at every turn. So our concern was with the fishing table. tons of sharp little things for curious boys to play with. Kevin's mom and dad have moved it out so that there is no longer a danger to Hayden if he tries to midnight explore. We thought that we would try him out on the bottom bunk for right now until we get his bed. So far he has loved it. He is excited to go to bed, where usually he whines until he is in bed. So far he has slept on the bunk bed 2 nights in a row. I was worried at first that he would take this as play time. But I checked on him an hour after we put him down the first night and he was out.

This was Hayden waking up this morning.

This is the bed we have decided on. It has high sides so he won't fall out and it has storage underneath which is always a plus! Hayden calls it the castle bed. The only downside is, is that we have to order it online. So we have a little wait time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First movie

Yesterday I had promised Hayden we would go see a movie. I have been wanting to take him to see a movie in the theaters for a while, but I was also hesitant. I didn't know if he would like the dark (which he is scared of) or if the movie would get too loud for his ears. But we took a chance and went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. We got our tickets but there was a long line to get popcorn and drinks. Kevin waited while Hayden and I went to get seats. The first thing he did when we walked in was held me tighter and said 'it dark in here'. We sat down and he was looking around in awe. The movie was in 3D so you had to wear glasses which were way to big on Hayden. He kept them on until the previews were over and then he was done with them. Kevin bought Hayden his own popcorn tray complete with drink and a snack. Hayden loved it and felt like a big boy. Through out the movie he would say 'oh no what happening mom/dad', he was very into the movie which was really cute. Lydia and Grandpa Andrew were with. It was such a cute kid movie. Hayden sat there the whole time and watched it until the very end when he handed over his popcorn tray and climbed up on Kevin, gave him a hug and said I love you dad. It was a perfect ending to the movie.

We went to smash burger to complete our family outing. I have to say their fries are really good. They are thin, fried, and tossed in olive oil, fresh rosemary, and thyme. There burgers were also really good. Kevin got the Baja burger while I went with the mushroom swiss. Yummy. They were a lot better than Kevin expected.

And that concluded our family date night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Future Missionary

So this morning I was woken up by Hayden talking through the monitor. He kept repeating that he is going on a mission. When I got him up I asked him where he was going and he told me he is going on a mission to the republic. Which is where my brother brad is.

So I have been trying to teach him a song today.... Here is how we are doing so far...

And now he is going around saying to teach.

Hope you enjoyed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

update on life

So.... I have not been good at all about updating our blog..... In truth I actually forgot about it....
So I will give a really big update of what we have been doing over the past few months.

Kevin now works at JJ's Bakery for those of you who didn't know. He is the production manager. And he makes awesome pastries there!!! Also they work around his school schedule which is really nice. He works from 4pm to 12 or 1am... Which is the downside to him working there.

I went to girl's camp this year as assistant camp director. It is the first time I have been away from Hayden. It was really hard and I missed him and Kevin, but it was also lots of fun with the girls.

Shortly after I came home from camp we left for Jamaica. We went with Kevin's family. The hotel that his mom found was amazing and had an awesome staff. Everyone was really friendly there. It was very hot there, you would be sweating within minutes of leaving your room. Hayden seemed to attract all the little girls there. You couldn't go anywhere without people offering you drugs. The beaches there were very pretty, with calm water. We were able to go to church while we were there and meet the awesome members that live there, though our group doubled the size of their congregation. It was great to just get away and have a vacation. It was an awesome experience and we are so grateful to Kevin's parents for making it happen.

The 24th of July we went to my mom and dads to light fireworks. Hayden didn't much care for them. He was sitting with my mom and dad on the grass while we were lighting them off. He then told them that he doesn't like 'faggots'.... my parents we shocked. Come to find out he was saying fireworks and it just sounded like faggot. Though he did enjoy them a little later on.

My cousin Austin was married in the Salt Lake Temple on Aug. 6th. Which was pretty fun. Now I'm not the only married cousin on my dad's side.

My Grandma and Grandpa Harward celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Aug. 14th. We decided to throw a surprise party for them. And also get family pictures and grandkid pictures to decorate her wall with... since I think the last grandkid picture we did was when adam was small. She is not an easy person to keep things from. I felt so bad for my aunt Jodi that lives with her, keeping the secret could not be easy. But we did succeed, we also made a slideshow for them of their past 50 years (or what we could find of it in pictures). With messages from each of the kids, grandkids, and great grandkid. Just for fun so that my brother who is on a mission could "be there" for it we bought a cardboard cut out and taped a picture of his face to it. And now everytime I'm at my grandmas house it scares the crap out of me....

I celebrated my 22nd birthday this year. My little sister Lydia had her 7th birthday. She asked me if I felt old... And yes I do feel old compared to her. Kevin did make an awesome looking birthday cake for Lydia and me to share... sadly I didn't get any pictures of it. But he did have a picture of one that looked like it.

Hayden has been potty trained since Aug. 10th. And luckily has had no accidents. While at home he does it all by himself. And tells me very firmly to 'go over there' while he does his business. He is very proud of himself for going on the potty and does little self celebrations for it everytime he goes.

Other than that our summer has been filled with Kevin working and going to school. And I have been busy with vinyl and tshirts. Hayden has just been himself hanging out with his aunt lydia and uncle adam most days.

Now that school has started Kevin is doing some pretty fun stuff in class. And Hayden is rather bored during the day with no one to play with.

We are doing great and we hope all of you are too!