Saturday, September 26, 2009

First movie

Yesterday I had promised Hayden we would go see a movie. I have been wanting to take him to see a movie in the theaters for a while, but I was also hesitant. I didn't know if he would like the dark (which he is scared of) or if the movie would get too loud for his ears. But we took a chance and went to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. We got our tickets but there was a long line to get popcorn and drinks. Kevin waited while Hayden and I went to get seats. The first thing he did when we walked in was held me tighter and said 'it dark in here'. We sat down and he was looking around in awe. The movie was in 3D so you had to wear glasses which were way to big on Hayden. He kept them on until the previews were over and then he was done with them. Kevin bought Hayden his own popcorn tray complete with drink and a snack. Hayden loved it and felt like a big boy. Through out the movie he would say 'oh no what happening mom/dad', he was very into the movie which was really cute. Lydia and Grandpa Andrew were with. It was such a cute kid movie. Hayden sat there the whole time and watched it until the very end when he handed over his popcorn tray and climbed up on Kevin, gave him a hug and said I love you dad. It was a perfect ending to the movie.

We went to smash burger to complete our family outing. I have to say their fries are really good. They are thin, fried, and tossed in olive oil, fresh rosemary, and thyme. There burgers were also really good. Kevin got the Baja burger while I went with the mushroom swiss. Yummy. They were a lot better than Kevin expected.

And that concluded our family date night.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Future Missionary

So this morning I was woken up by Hayden talking through the monitor. He kept repeating that he is going on a mission. When I got him up I asked him where he was going and he told me he is going on a mission to the republic. Which is where my brother brad is.

So I have been trying to teach him a song today.... Here is how we are doing so far...

And now he is going around saying to teach.

Hope you enjoyed.

Monday, September 7, 2009

update on life

So.... I have not been good at all about updating our blog..... In truth I actually forgot about it....
So I will give a really big update of what we have been doing over the past few months.

Kevin now works at JJ's Bakery for those of you who didn't know. He is the production manager. And he makes awesome pastries there!!! Also they work around his school schedule which is really nice. He works from 4pm to 12 or 1am... Which is the downside to him working there.

I went to girl's camp this year as assistant camp director. It is the first time I have been away from Hayden. It was really hard and I missed him and Kevin, but it was also lots of fun with the girls.

Shortly after I came home from camp we left for Jamaica. We went with Kevin's family. The hotel that his mom found was amazing and had an awesome staff. Everyone was really friendly there. It was very hot there, you would be sweating within minutes of leaving your room. Hayden seemed to attract all the little girls there. You couldn't go anywhere without people offering you drugs. The beaches there were very pretty, with calm water. We were able to go to church while we were there and meet the awesome members that live there, though our group doubled the size of their congregation. It was great to just get away and have a vacation. It was an awesome experience and we are so grateful to Kevin's parents for making it happen.

The 24th of July we went to my mom and dads to light fireworks. Hayden didn't much care for them. He was sitting with my mom and dad on the grass while we were lighting them off. He then told them that he doesn't like 'faggots'.... my parents we shocked. Come to find out he was saying fireworks and it just sounded like faggot. Though he did enjoy them a little later on.

My cousin Austin was married in the Salt Lake Temple on Aug. 6th. Which was pretty fun. Now I'm not the only married cousin on my dad's side.

My Grandma and Grandpa Harward celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Aug. 14th. We decided to throw a surprise party for them. And also get family pictures and grandkid pictures to decorate her wall with... since I think the last grandkid picture we did was when adam was small. She is not an easy person to keep things from. I felt so bad for my aunt Jodi that lives with her, keeping the secret could not be easy. But we did succeed, we also made a slideshow for them of their past 50 years (or what we could find of it in pictures). With messages from each of the kids, grandkids, and great grandkid. Just for fun so that my brother who is on a mission could "be there" for it we bought a cardboard cut out and taped a picture of his face to it. And now everytime I'm at my grandmas house it scares the crap out of me....

I celebrated my 22nd birthday this year. My little sister Lydia had her 7th birthday. She asked me if I felt old... And yes I do feel old compared to her. Kevin did make an awesome looking birthday cake for Lydia and me to share... sadly I didn't get any pictures of it. But he did have a picture of one that looked like it.

Hayden has been potty trained since Aug. 10th. And luckily has had no accidents. While at home he does it all by himself. And tells me very firmly to 'go over there' while he does his business. He is very proud of himself for going on the potty and does little self celebrations for it everytime he goes.

Other than that our summer has been filled with Kevin working and going to school. And I have been busy with vinyl and tshirts. Hayden has just been himself hanging out with his aunt lydia and uncle adam most days.

Now that school has started Kevin is doing some pretty fun stuff in class. And Hayden is rather bored during the day with no one to play with.

We are doing great and we hope all of you are too!