Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's new???

Well... Kevin is still going to school to become a chef. He loves it other than this semester is really boring(intro classes and junk). His job is going pretty good other than certain ppl there. Kevin was also ordained an elder on October 19th. We are so proud of him.
Hayden is growing like a weed. He is always amazing us with the things he learns. We have learned recently that we need to watch what we say around him, since he has become a little parrot. He loves to help out and has recently discovered the vacuum isn't as scary as he thought, which lead to him vacuuming for 30 min straight.
I have been keeping busy lately with a new business. My mom, aunt, and I are starting up a vinyl company making home decor. So if you want any let me know. =) We have done a few parties and have been fairly successful so far. It consumes my weekdays and most of my weekends... but it is something that I love to do.
I hope all of you are well!


our blog

Hey everyone,
Hope all is well for you. So Kevin is sad that we are the last to have a blog in his family so here is ours.
Hopefully we will remember to update it...