Thursday, July 8, 2010

crazy times

What a crazy month it has been!

Being a mom of 2 sure keeps you on your toes.

So what have we been up to lately???


We blessed Tanner on June 6.

Man he is a handsome little stud! Just like his brother!

We were without a kitchen for a few weeks... It was tough but so worth it! Why were we without one? Well my awesome Mother in law remodeled our kitchen to add in a dishwasher and more cupboards. Well hehehehe I guess I should give credit to everyone. Kevin's dad did electrical to move all the appliances around and put in cupboards and the counter top. As well as Kevin's siblings helped put in cupboards and counter tops. While we were at it we figured we would paint the whole upstairs...

That hole where the green wall is is where the dishwasher is. =)

I haven't taken any finished pictures yet, but I will once I get some. I still have to paint the ceiling and do some touch up work with the paint. But I am loving the new and improved kitchen! Thank you to all who helped!

My mom put up a pool in her backyard. It was the pool that was up at Grandma Sammy's house. Hayden and the kids love it! I haven't yet taken Tanner in it, but I will soon. Hayden and I went swimming in it yesterday and it is like bathwater at 90 degrees.

Tanner also got his first round of shots. =( Poor little guy. But he was really good about it. Went red in the face with a silent cry, had tears in his eyes, and then was done. Broke my heart though.

This last week we have been watching my cousins. They are currently in the process of moving from PA to WA. So while their parents are house hunting they have been chilling with family here in UT. I had them at night for sleeping over at my mom and dad's house. It was fun, nothing like going from a mom of 2 to a mom of 5 overnight. =)

We also did fireworks over at my mom and dad's house with my aunt and uncle next door. They were really pretty. Hayden loved them and they didn't even phase Tanner. Man it is almost like he is deaf.... hahaha jk my mom thought that for a while, but he just has selective hearing. It is a trait that runs in the family. =P

We are finally home now and starting to get back into the groove of things.