Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hayden turns 3!!!!

So we celebrated Hayden's 3rd birthday yesterday. I can not believe he is 3 already... It doesn't even feel like it has been that long.
Anyways he actually opened presents on Sunday from Great Grandma and Grandpa Harward and from Grandma Sandee and Grandpa Andrew. He was so excited! He got some clothes, legos, kitchen stuff (he loves to cook with the play kitchen at my mom's house), and Geotrax train stuff. He didn't want to go to sleep that night because he was too busy playing.

When we finally got to bed I told Kevin that the first thing Hayden was going to ask me in the morning was to turn his light on so he could play with his trains and legos. And sure enough at 7:00 he was up and asking for the light on. So we got up and got a move on the day. We went grocery shopping and stopped at grandma Sandee's. Waiting until dad got home so we could go to the zoo.

Off to the zoo we went! Though when we got there we were sad to find out that the train wasn't running. But we did get tickets to ride the carousel which Hayden likes. So we were off. Hayden wanted to see the elephants first. He loved the little baby elephant zuri.

After that we saw rhinos, monkeys, and cougars.

Hayden also liked the baby Giraffe that was there. He informed us that they were really really big. There were also some lazy tigers that were really close up.

The building were the birds are just flying around really excited Hayden! "look at that mom it flyin'" He was so funny and cute.

As long as the critters were behind glass Hayden was fine being that close to them.

He measures up to the big apes at about a juvenile level.

We had tons of fun at the zoo. Though after 3 hours of wandering around looking at all of the animals we were pooped.

We went home for a short nap before we continued celebrating.

After cake we went and saw Great Grandma Thorup. He got some books, pj's, candy, balloons, and some money. Which he informed me he can buy more train tracks with.

Before we were finally done with the day we stopped off at Grandma and Grandpa Whitmer's. I thought Hayden had had all the excitement he could for the day, but I was wrong. When we got over there Grandpa pulls out a scooter for Hayden. He was so happy. He was rather mad that he had to go to bed and leave all of his fun new stuff.

Overall I think he had a pretty good birthday. And I think he enjoyed himself. Which is all that counts in the end. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and for helping spoil him rotten.