Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin carving

Hayden to say the least is a clean freak. He can't handle having his hand messy. Well with pumpkin carving it involves getting messy. We went for it anyways!

He did not like cleaning out the insides. But he did have fun poking the picture.

Over all though we did have fun.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hayden has his new bed!!!

We finally have Hayden's bed.! We weren't supposed to get it until sometime next week. But I have been watching the shipment and it arrived yesterday. Hayden has been so excited! And when I came home with it he was all sorts of excited. I left the putting it together to Kevin and his parents, I had to return my mom's car to her. There is storage space underneath it for toys or whatever. But I guess that was where Hayden had been playing the whole time. He will climb under there and tell us to close the door. He is so happy! And I am very grateful to Kevin's parents for helping us make this happen.

Last night was his first night sleeping in it. He finally went to sleep an hour after we put him to bed because he was having too much fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hayden is a big boy

So we have been thinking lately about upgrading Hayden into a big boy bed. He has never tried to climb out of his crib and so there was never any worry about that. But with the new baby coming we thought we would transition him so that he doesn't feel like we are kicking him out of the crib.
So the fun began.....
The room that hayden is in right now shares space with a bunk bed, food storage, and a fishing table. Kevin's mom and dad have been so awesome to us in this way. Trying to help us out at every turn. So our concern was with the fishing table. tons of sharp little things for curious boys to play with. Kevin's mom and dad have moved it out so that there is no longer a danger to Hayden if he tries to midnight explore. We thought that we would try him out on the bottom bunk for right now until we get his bed. So far he has loved it. He is excited to go to bed, where usually he whines until he is in bed. So far he has slept on the bunk bed 2 nights in a row. I was worried at first that he would take this as play time. But I checked on him an hour after we put him down the first night and he was out.

This was Hayden waking up this morning.

This is the bed we have decided on. It has high sides so he won't fall out and it has storage underneath which is always a plus! Hayden calls it the castle bed. The only downside is, is that we have to order it online. So we have a little wait time.