Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sunburns, croup, and ear infections.... oh my

What a long week we are in for....

Yesterday we found out that Hayden has a double ear infection and croup. My poor little boy started a fever on Monday and Tylenol wouldn't touch it. At the doctor's he was running a temp of 101. And here I was thinking he was getting better after his full head infection (ear, sinus, eyes, nose, and throat infection) that he had 2 weeks ago....
But through it all he has not complained once!!! He has been put on a high dose of amoxicillin. We were warned that it will give him an upset stomach and massive diarrhea. Well this morning I was not prepared when Hayden threw up on me 3 times.....The up side to all of this is that I get tons of cuddles from Hayden because all he wants to do is lay there. I would love it all the more if I wasn't sunburned from boating. But I still love the cuddles. And it is worth it all to get pictures of him falling asleep like that on his couch. Well here is to long nights ahead!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boating at Yuba

So my mom was complaining the other day that I never update my blog,which is true.

So I decided to update....

My parents bought a boat a couple of weeks ago. We used to have one, but then we sold it. So it has been some time since we have gone out boating. Friday we headed out to Yuba lake. It is 14 miles past Nephi. It is a really pretty lake that they drained and redid the beaches on it a couple years ago.

This was Hayden's first time in a boat. He has been constantly wanting to get in the boat or "rocket" and he calls it. Well he finally got his chance. We arrived at about 4 pm and were a little concerned that there were no boats on the water. It was cloudy overhead and the water was a little choppy. One of my mom's wishes on the way down was that there only be 2 boats on the water and us be one of them. Well she got her wish. We saw other boats but none of them stuck around, it was like we had the whole lake to ourselves.

As we got out on the water I wasn't sure how Hayden would react. But I had little to worry about! He loved it!!!

After cruising around for a few minutes we decided to break out the tube. Adam and I road on it for its maiden voyage. It was awesome!!!!
Hayden even road in the tube. He was having fun but was done after a few because it was cold.

Hayden was taking a break hanging out in a little overhang under the glove box.

My Dad, and our crazy driver. It was thanks to him taking us that we had an awesome time!!!

To end our fun day my crazy brother Adam tried to water ski in the COLD water. Adam succeed in getting up a couple of times. He is one tough kid.

We had an awesome time!!! Although we didn't get home till 11pm it was worth it. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking Hayden and Me!!!!!!