Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hayden's new funny thing

Kevin and I went to put Hayden to bed a few nights ago. We cleaned up all the toys and then ask Hayden, "are you ready to go night night?" Hayden then climbed up into my lap, closed his eyes and stared snoring. It was hilarious! I went over to my mom's house today and was able to get him fake sleeping on video. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Crazy Times!

Last week was a crazy week.

My parents decided to go to Vegas for a get-away. And I volunteered to help watch the 3 kids left at home. I dunno how my mom stays sane with all the running around she has to do during the day to stay up with my siblings. She is really amazing. While they were gone Kevin and I hung out with the kids and we all made dinner on Thursday night.

We made homemade pizza! It was surprisingly really good. (having been made by a 10 and 6 yr old) After making pizza we broke out my mom's recipe book and made her sugar cookies.

They were really good!!

All the while Hayden just hung out and reaped the benefit of our hard work.

What fun. Though going from having an almost 2yr old to having 4 kids 15-10-6-2 was crazy. But it was fun and it was good to let my parents have a break.

Now to give an update..... since I haven't been very good at updating the blog.

Hayden is growing like a weed. He is into climbing on everything and his new favorite show is Mickey Mouse. He will go around the house saying "help me tootles, help me"(tootles is the helper on mickey mouse). It is very funny to watch him as he grows. He is becoming more independent everyday and is continually trying to help with everything.

Last Sunday he hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Whitmer for about an hour. When we came over to get him Kevin was asked to help in giving a blessing to his mom. Hayden and I watched as the blessing was given. As soon as it was over he hurried over to grandma and wanted up. When he was up he laid his hand on grandmas head just like he had seen dad and grandpa do. It was so cute to watch.
Hayden also has a new food thanks to Kevin. It is called edamame. When I make some for him he will eat them like they are going to disappear if he doesn't get them all down. They really don't have much flavor. And he loves them! We are talking about the kid that we have to make him try food before he will even give them a chance. He will even turn down ice cream! Yet he likes these soybeans? Weird little child I have.

Kevin is keeping busy with school and work. He recently took 3rd in the skills competition at school. He will be competing in state in March because of it. He is super excited that he gets to go to state and has been going to school on Saturdays to practice. He also was put on the President's list at school for having a 3.93 gpa last semseter.

As for me, I have been keeping busy. I have been helping my mom out. And have been trying to keep up with Hayden. He is a full time job! But I enjoy being able to stay home with him and help him learn different things. I have also been reading books lately. I have reread twilight, Leven Thumps was a new one that I picked up and have enjoyed, and Diary of a Wimpy kid is a really cute one that Kevin got for me.