Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Kevin, this last Saturday, competed in the Spring Home & Garden black box competition. He has been working really hard on this to do well at it. (even though he gets nothing out of it other than experience)

Saturday rolls around and he is out the door early, having to go to school and prep. They competed at around 3pm. Now in black box competitions they receive secret ingredients that they have to use in all of their dishes, they had no idea what they were before hand. For this one they had to use peanut butter, figs, and cream cheese. Yummy right? If I was given those I would have no idea what to do with them.

So Kevin got to work doing what he does best, cooking! After making all of the stuff within a time limit, their food was judged. And much to Kevin's surprise.... THEY WON!!! Kevin and Amanda won the black box competition!! HE was so happy and surprised. His menu was:

appetizer- tomato salad with cream cheese balsamic vinaigrette and an apple fig salad with peanut butter sauce

main dish- sweet potato peanut butter pasta, in a cream cheese shallot sauce; pork scallop; sauteed Brussel sprouts, figs, and pecans

Dessert- Apple fritter; Carmel fig sauce, peanut butter chocolate sauce, and an orange cream cheese frosting napoleon (sort of like an Oreo)

The judges really like his fresh pasta that he made on the spot. He has another competition coming up on the 26th of March for a state competition! We are hoping he does well.

Hayden is now 2!!!

This is a little late being posted....

But Hayden is now officially in the terrible twos.... He was already throwing the tantrums for it.

We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a last minute party. My mom was making dinner for my grandma, (she had surgery on her hand, and it is still healing) and everyone was wondering what I was going to do for Hayden's birthday.... I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had been sick all week and didn't really have a lot of energy to do anything. But it was pointed out to me that I needed to do something for him. I decided to do a last minute party at my grandma Harward's house.

Hayden had a blast and actually ate some chicken noodle soup. (we didn't have to force him to try some!) My aunt's on my mom's side came and gave Hayden gifts. We had brought some of the gifts Hayden had gotten that morning. We played baseball and soccer in the backyard as well as played with his new bubble machine. (the bubble machine is a lifesaver for me and kevin.... we are done blowing bubbles for Hayden long before he is...)

Hopefully it was fun for him... I know it was tiring for me. =)

Yes he really is faking in this video.....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hayden will be 2 on Sunday!!!

I can not believe how fast time flies! Hayden will be 2 on Sunday! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was coming home from the hospital with him.

It has been a rather bad week for us. Hayden and I have both been sick all week. And Kevin has been sick for some of the week. But on Tuesday I convinced myself that I was well enough to be out and about. So I went shopping for the young women's activity I was in charge of and also for Hayden's birthday present.
We have been having a hard time deciding what Hayden need/wanted for his birthday. We don't have a lot of room and his toys take up a lot of space as it is. We talked it over and decided Hayden would like a pet. But we have been told no on a dog....(so sad) So we went for fish. Easy to take care of and can fit somewhere in our small space.
On Tuesday we bought the tank and supplies. And on Wednesday Hayden and I went to get some fish. We had tons of fish to choose from.... but we finally found the perfect ones for Hayden. They are called mickey mouse fish. I didn't realize until we got home why they have that name. On their tails there is the mickey mouse head and ears.

Hayden has been delighted since we have gotten them. He feeds them in the morning and right before going to bed. He even gives them kisses goodnight. He named them Mickey and Minnie. I had made a vinyl mickey mouse for him and found the perfect place to put it, right on his fish tank.

Here is a video of Hayden with them.

Other news Kevin is going to compete in a black box competition tomorrow. He is really looking forward to it. I hope he does well!