Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas! I know that we did.

Hayden was hilarious to watch this christmas. He would take every single piece of paper he ripped off and put it in the garbage. So we had no mess to clean up. He was so funny to watch. He loved taking the paper off the most, I think.

Kevin and I also enjoyed our gift which is a 42" ldc hdtv that we got early and have really enjoyed! Thaks everyone who helped us get it!

On Christmas eve, we recieved a 5 min call from brad while at my Grandma Harward's house. He called to tell us that there is visa problems.. so he could be stuck in the mtc til feb if things aren't figured out. But he is doing good.

We also learned that although Hayden loves to watch the snow fall and loves to sit at a window or door and yell "no"(his word for snow) He wants nothing to do with it because it is cold! We took him outside and put him in it. Yea, it was over then. He wants nothing to do with it anymore. But he will still watch it as it falls.

It is so much fun to watch him grow. We hope everyone is safe and well for the holiday's.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is coming!

YAY! Christmas is almost here.

I setup our tree on the 3rd and Hayden has just been fascinated with it. When ever he gets a chance he goes up and plays with the ornaments and touches the lights followed by him saying 'Hot'. It is very funny to watch him. I can't wait to see his face on Christmas with all his new stuff. Kevin and I are spoiled and got our present early. So we don't have fun stuff to open on Christmas. Oh well we are enjoying our new tv and movies.

Yesterday I dressed Hayden in a white shirt and tie. He looked like a mini missionary. It was so cute. I am sending my brother a picture of it in the mail today. And the best part is he wore his tie almost all day.

Kevin will be done with school after today til January. 4 finals in one day sucks. I hope he does well.

Well that is all for now. I hope everyone is well.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Elder Thorup

Why is it that even though a mission is such a good thing, it is so hard to let go?

Well Brad is finally gone. And with him going we find a big hole in our hearts. Yes, he is going to do good and to teach people the gospel so that they can learn the truth. But why does it hurt so much? I know that I will see him again and that he is only gone for a little while, but that knowledge does not help stop the flow of tears.

On Tuesday before Brad was set apart, we were at my mom's house, Lydia was standing in a corner trying not to let anyone see that she was crying. That made me start crying and we sat there hugging for a while. I then had an idea for her, so we sat down and listened to "I'll See You In A While". It made us cry even more, which was not the effect I wanted. The song is about leaving for a few years and not saying goodbye just saying see you in a while, because we will see you again. I was crying yesterday as Brad was heading for the car to go to the MTC Lydia came over to me and told me " Jen Jen remember it is see you in a while, not goodbye." How greatful I am to her for being so strong and comforting to me. Even though I should be the one comforting her.

Brad has been a best friend for over 19 years. It is like I am losing a part of myself for 2 years. But the people in the Dominican Republic need him more than I do. So I will wait patiently here for him to return. And I will offer any support I can to him. We will all miss him so much.

If I am like this for my brother how will I be for Hayden?