Monday, August 16, 2010


Well it has been a very crazy, but fun summer. I am going to be glad when it is over. Though we did have some fun times...

For the 24th of July we went camping. Kevin's parents let us use their pop up camper and got us a spot at East Canyon last minute. Hayden had a blast. He asked Kevin if we could stay there forever.

Kevin even let his inner child out and was going down the slides with Hayden. =)

We had a really fun time!

Then the next couple of weeks were spent getting my mom ready for girl's camp. My poor mom was trying to get camp ready while she had a kidney stone trying to pass... I tried to help her out where I could. Anyways they ended up getting rained out of camp and had to come home the second night they were up there. So they decided to finish girl's camp at home. They setup the tents at Mona's house so they could dry out and the girl's camp over and slept in them and finish girl's camp there. At least not all of the hard work and planning went to waste. We were there helping setup the tents so they invited us to eat with them.

The latest project that I have been doing is helping my mom get everything ready for my sister's baptism. Lydia is going to be 8 on August 27th. It really doesn't seem like that long ago when I was visiting mom in the hospital after she had had her. Man time flies. Anyways we have been getting ready for it. She is going to do a triple baptism with her 2 cousins. It has been crazy trying to organize it. This is the invite that I made for it.

Well summer is almost over. Hayden gets to start preschool next week. He is super excited to start school. Kevin also starts school next week. He is super excited too! If all goes well then this will be the last semester he need to get his associates. YAY! Tanner will be getting his 4 month shots next week too... boo. That will make for a grumpy baby. I hope everyone's summer has been full of fun!